Jerome Russell Bblonde: Maximum Ombre Kit No.2 
As a natural Blonde, I've always been lucky enough to experience my hair lift a few shades during the sunny Summer months. As I spend my Summers Stateside, I'm very cautious of messing with the colour of it for the few months leading up to my departure of England (I've been toying with the idea of getting highlights to give my hair a boost for ages now). My hair is super precious to me and that's probably the reason I rarely use home dye kits. However, I recently discovered the Blonding brand Bblonde by Jerome Russell. The brand produce home dye kits that allow you to give your hair a range of blonde finishes that all leave your hair looking naturally blonde(r). Bblonde sent me over their Maximum Ombre Kit No.2  (which you can purchase here) to sample, and I'm glad to say it's left me full of excitement for the Blonde shades of Summer. I chose to use a model for you all to see how this kit by Jerome Russell looks as it allowed me to see the effects it had on the colour, style and condition of the hair from a far. Although, I'll definitely be using Bblonde kits on MY hair in the future!

The first thing that made this product a yes from me was the professional salon style  application brush that is provided along with the mixing tray, protective plastic gloves, power and cream dye (with instructions of how to mix them together to create your dye mixture), blending lotion and conditioning shampoo. This makes it much easy to apply the dye evenly to your hair, something that can often be tricky with home dye kits - especially when applying the dye to your own hair. Although the smell of this dye is extremely strong, it doesn't leave the hair smelling strongly of peroxide once the dye has been rinsed off. The blending lotion provided in this kit also ensures you're left with an even Ombre effect - with none of that block line style we all dread! Tip: Be sure to complete a hair strand test before applying the dye to the whole head of hair. This allows you to discover your own personal developing time for the dye (my model had a developing time of approx. 10 minutes and has naturally medium blonde hair).
Maximum Ombre Kit No.2 on Naturally medium Blonde hair
I love the natural blonde shade this product left the hair and was impressed with how little it dried out the hair too. Finding home dye kits that leave your hair natural blonde shades, without the fear of having yellow hair after application, has always been so tricky for me as a natural blonde - hoorah for Bblonde! Ten days on and my model hasn't noticed any fading in the colour and still finds her hair super soft - something that is a huge issue with many home dye kits out there!

Have you tried Jerome Russell's Bblonde range yet? Which are your favourite products for Summer Blondes? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy your Summer shades, 
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