Left: No7 by Boots Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Body Tan, Right: Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Medium Matte
So, it’s summer but you’re too busy to jet off somewhere sunny? Or you’re still waiting for those painful two weeks, before your flight departs, to fly by? Of course we are all guilty of sneaking on that fake tan in the hope that no one will notice we’ve drastically caught the sun when the weather outside is awful. But which will really give you a more natural glow that stays with you for the length of time you want it too? Gradual or Instant tan?

As I’m normally okay with embracing my pale skin year round, I used to stick with RIMMEL London’s Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Medium Matte as I could just pop it on before having my legs out for a few hours on a night out or at a Summer event. I do love the look of this tan and it’s main wonder to me is how easy it is to build coverage with it – on a Summer’s day when I’m attending a wedding I don’t want to turn up looking like I’ve replaced my legs with carrots, but when I’m venturing into a dark nightclub for a few hours maybe I need to layer the Instant tan for it to be seen! Be warned though, it’s wash off so not the best idea if you’re heading to a foam party on a girls holiday. My biggest disappointment with Instant tan is how quickly it stains your skin, I am fully aware of what the word instant means but the panic of not blending it evenly into my skin fast enough hugely puts me off using Instant tan on a regular basis.

This year I’ve been super busy leading up to my trip stateside for the summer, so I haven’t been too fussed with being Instantly bronzed for events. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to have a healthy glow before I plunge from England’s cloudy days to Boston’s sunny weeks! Okay, so gradual tan takes a bit of planning and organisation – you won’t notice the different if you cake this on a few hours before heading out! But, if you’re fair skinned I would definitely recommend choosing No7’s Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Body Tan over an Instant tan as it leaves you looking naturally tanned – perfect! I use this product once a day and start to notice my tan develop evenly around day 4 or 5. An added bonus is the lack of panic you have during application about streaks or uneven blending (if you think you didn’t apply it evenly one day, just rectifying the next day). So there must be a downside? Yes, you may smell ever so slightly like a digestive biscuit. I have no idea why but gradual tan just seems to have that scent – annoying! No worries though, you won’t notice that as you wonder round in the fresh air (maybe apply your favourite perfume before leaving the house, just in case).

Which is your favourite way of faking a tan, Gradual or Instant tan? Have you tried the No7’s Gradual Tan or RIMMEL London’s Instant tan, or do you have another fake tan product that you use religiously? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy those “naturally” bronzed bodies this summer,
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