Left to right: Tea Tree Toner Water, Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water, Mask Of Magnaminty and American Cream Condition
I recently realised I needed to restock my go-to toner from LUSH and of course, as soon as I popped in to my local LUSH store, it happened - a LUSH haul. I feel many of you will agree that it is almost impossible to venture in to any LUSH store without picking up several things, rather than just the one essential you went in to stock up on. 
Tea Tree Toner Water and Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water
I picked up these two toners, both in the smaller size bottles as I sometimes like to carry a toner in my bag on warmer days. I like to include two toners that have different ingredients in my skin care routine as it allows me to adapt my routine according to the change in my skin (blemish prone). The Tea Tree Toner Water by LUSH is fantastic for breakouts/oily skin. Tea Tree has many anti-bacterial benefits, great for keeping the bacteria that causes breakouts away from your skin. On top of this, Tea Tree Water by LUSH contains Juniperberry - an additional ingredient that holds antiseptic qualities, helping to keep your skin clear and clean all day. So, it's getting rid of all the nasties we don't want on our faces but what is it giving us? LUSH have cleverly balanced this toner water with Grapefruit - super high in the vitamins your face needs! If my face is relatively breakout free I choose to use Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water, an option with less of the astringent ingredients and more of the refreshing ingredients. Breath of Fresh Air by LUSH contains many ingredients to soothe your skin and reduce redness, great for those warmer months, including Aloe Vera and Rose absolute. On top of these, it also includes Seaweed absolute - great for calming the skin, leaving you refreshed and cleansed all day! I choose to apply both these toner waters by spraying them 4/5 times onto cotton wool and wiping over my face, but you can also close your eyes and spritz directly on to your face (an option that's great to have throughout the day in Spring/Summer).
American Cream Hair Conditioner
Swatch: American Cream Hair Conditioner - only a tiny amount is needed to save your hair
As I'm a complete addict of LUSH Shampoo Bars (you can find my current favourites here), I thought I'd pick up one of their conditioners too. I went for American Cream Hair Conditioner as I've previously used solid conditioners by LUSH and found them too heavy for my hair. The joy of this thick conditioner is the minimal amount you need to apply (I only apply to the ends and through the length of my hair, this avoids greasy roots during the day).  Not only does this product's scent of strawberries and cream smell incredible, LUSH use fresh strawberries full of vitamin C to keep your hair healthy. To ensure your hair stays moisturised and protected from damage, American Cream includes Honey in it's extensive list of natural ingredients. Honey helps the hair, and skin, to heal whilst locking in moisture (you can find the benefits of honey for your skin here). I love the smell and benefits of this conditioner but am still needing to use a hair serum to give my hair a boost of shine once it's dry!
Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask
Swatch: A thick consistency and a scrummy scent
I'm awfully slow to jump on this bandwagon, I know. But, I thought I should give it a try - some say it works wonders but others say it's overrated! I have often been undecided on how I feel about scented face masks (it's on your face for 10/15 minutes, a strong scent can be highly irritating for that long)! However, Mask of Magnaminty by LUSH has found the perfect balance with it's light and uplifting peppermint ingredient. I choose to apply this mask on just my face but it also doubles up as a body mask, a nice option to have available if you're having a head to toe pamper. A key ingredient in this mask is Marigold Oil. Known for it's benefits of protecting and soothing the skin, Marigold Oil will leave your skin feeling clear of impurities and moisturised when you remove the mask. I choose to remove Mask of Magnaminty using a damp sponge to ensure I remove it all. 13 ingredients in a product leading to the perfect balance for your skin? Woohoo. As well as this, it's thick consistency means application is easy and even all over!

I'm glad I couldn't resist the temptation of these products! Pop in to you local LUSH store if you like the sound of any of them too, their staff are always happy to demonstrate how to use them in store for you. Have you tried any of these LUSH products? Or do you have a different favourite? Enjoy discovering your favourite, 

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  1. love love love mask of magnaminty! it's one of my fave masks, i need to pick up a new pot!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

    1. It's one of my favourites now too!

      Bea | Bea-uty Blog

  2. Think I will have to try that toner water, sounds great for summer too!

    1. They are so great for cooling down and freshening up during the Summer months!

      Bea | Bea-uty Blog


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