Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (75ml)
Hand cream is always an essential in the months to come - the elements of the Summer months seem to dry them out horrendously. Saying this, finding a hand cream that doesn't linger on your hands for several hours after application, leaving you unable to hold your phone from the fear of it sliding right out your hand, is a tricky task. I know I often rave about L'OCCITANE and their wonderful products - this hand cream fits right in with the rest, some form of miracle.

If you haven't already discovered the products in the L'OCCITANE Cherry Blossom range, it's a scent you really need to sample this Spring/Summer. As I've mentioned before, I'm not one to go for over powering florals when it comes to any beauty products, including Perfume. However, the Cherry Blossom range by L'OCCIITANE comes in a lighter scent as well as the intense version of the same florally goodness. After months of carrying around several of their smaller travel sized hand lotions I decided to make a decision and pick my favourite. Cherry Blossom won me over, especially now we're heading in to those bright Spring/Summer months - I had to have a scent to match the weather.

Tip: Apply a small amount, don't get carried away
This hand cream contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E, meaning your hands are not only moisturised but protected throughout the day too! I choose to apply this hand cream in the morning, using a small amount as swatched in the picture above. Top tip for using hand cream: always start with a small amount and go back for more if needed - nothing worse than too much moisturising, resulting in greasy hands. I also apply this hand cream to my elbows, an area many of us forget about when curing those dry skin patches of our bodies. A light, effective moisturiser with a beautiful Spring/Summer scent - hooray for finding you!

This hand cream, along with L'OCCITANE's others, comes in a small travel size - so pop to your local store (or order online at and pick one up to try. Let me know your favourites in the comments! Enjoy taking care of those hands, 

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