Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Strength Restorer Serum
As the Sun comes out and the weather get's warmer, us natural blondes start to notice our hair get even lighter. Great right? Natural highlights without the hair dye? Correct. However, if, like me, you 'suffer' from naturally curly hair too, these effects of the Sunnier months comes with split ends and dried out hair - not so great. My daily haircare routine will always include a split end serum to solve this problem so I couldn't wait to try out this new one by Garnier (find out where to purchase this product here).

 Of course, I first noticed The Strength Restorer Serum because of it's honey bee related ingredient (propolis - a compound bees make which they use to glue materials of their hives together, showing just how much it can benefit the strength of your hair) - we all know I love products containing honey because of it's wonderful healing properties. This serum aims to provide your hair with defensive properties to help protect it against further 'attack' from split ends and the Sun. So much protection would surely mean a thick and glue-like product right? Nope! The lightweight ingredients of The Strength Restorer Serum means your hair is protected against damage without weighing it down - woohoo!

I choose to use this serum after towel drying my hair, before blowdrying. I use one pump of the serum, applying to the ends of my hair and then through the lengths of my hair - I would recommend avoiding the roots of your hair with this product, especially if you find your hair can often naturally gather oils throughout the day leaving your hair greasy. I find this application method protects your hair from brushing damage too - something naturally curly and knotty hair is prone to! Although I choose to apply The Strength Restorer Serum this way, you can also use at anytime on dry hair to smooth the look of split ends throughout the day - great for the warmer Spring/Summer months when those frizzy split ends make a more frequent appearance.

Tip: Only apply to the ends and lengths of your hair to avoid greasy roots
Do you suffer from split ends and sun damage to your hair in the Spring/Summer? What do you normally do to repair and protect your hair? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy your damage free hair, 
Bea-uty Blog


  1. May have to give this a try! My blonde curly hair does occasionally suffer from looking a bit straw like on the ends!
    Molly xx

    1. Definitely do, that's exactly the problem my hair used to have too and it's worked wonders!

      Bea | Bea-uty Blog

  2. I'm definitely going to have to pick this up next time I'm in Boots - it sounds amazing! Great review x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula


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