Green Shampoo Bar: Karma Komba, Blue Shampoo Bar: Seanik, Orange Shampoo Bar: Brazilliant
Shampoo bars by LUSH Cosmetics - something we all need to invest in! I have now been using these small bars of shampoo goodness for almost 3 months and I never again want to have to use liquid shampoo from a giant bottle. All 5 bars I have tried and tested (Karma Komba, Seanik, Brazilliant, Jason and the Argan Oil and Montalbano) have left my hair feeling squeaky clean, quite literally - that super fresh, super clean just-washed-my-hair-in-natural-springs feeling you get from only natural products just like these.

Karma Komba: The 'I would be happy to constantly smell my hair today' bar. This bar is the most scented of the bars I have tried and tested, so far. The blend of lemongrass, orange, lavandin, pine and patchouli create a lovely up-lifting spring/summer scent for your wonderful locks. If you're looking for perfect shine and scent from your daily shampoo - this one is for you!

Seanik: The 'I've spent all day on the beach and yes, my hair still looks this good' bar. It's blend of seaweed, sea-salt and lemon make it the perfect bar to pop in your bag during the summer months to rescue that dried out hair! The fresh scent of lemon works great with the fantastic combination of ingredients to give your hair shine and volume. Hair that's lacking life from the battering of sun, sand, sunscreen and sea-water? This bar will save the day for you!

Brazilliant: The 'Go on, ask me how my hair looks this healthy 6 weeks after a cut' bar. The blend of oranges, andiroba oil, ylang ylang oil and a bunch of other fantastic nutrients will give your hair that rescue it's crying out for when it really needs a trim. I found this bar works best for the curl in my hair, I saw a definite reduction of frizz - a miracle? Maybe. If you've been 'gifted' with curly locks and are fed up of anti frizz products weighing your hair down - purchasing this bar will feel like a weight off your shoulders (literally)!

Tip: Lather the bar in your hand before applying to you hair.
All these bars lather up much better than liquid shampoo - meaning they last a lot longer and spread much further in your hair, perfect if you're a longer lock lady! I often lather the bar up in my hand before briefly rubbing the bar directly on to my hair (you don't even have to put it directly on to your hair, I just prefer doing this to ensure a thorough cleanse).

So, not only do these beautiful bars have no negatives (in my opinion), they are so much smaller and a lot less hassle than huge shampoo bottles. Even better, with summer coming up, they are the perfect size for taking on holiday and they'll leave you enough weight in your suitcase to pack another pair of shoes AND another summer dress - hoorah! LUSH have even provided us a perfectly sized travel tin which you can purchase here.

Head down to your nearest LUSH (or find them online at and pick yourself a bar to try. Let me know which are your favourites in the comments - enjoy, 

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