Left: CC Skin Tone Correcting Cream in Light, Right: Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Plum
It's that time of year where we all head out to buy our Spring/Summer make up and skincare. I was delighted to find the new range from L'OCCITANE in my local store - no wonder I left with several products! I'm always so impressed with the service and assistance by L'OCCITANE colleagues so if you have one near you, give them a visit. I tried both these products in store and instantly fell in love, after using them religiously for several weeks now, I haven't lost this initial obsession.
Swatch: Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Plum
Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Balm: I was initially attracted to this lovely product because of it's combination of colour perfection for Spring/Summer and an SPF of 25 - perfect for fair ladies like myself. I almost allowed myself to purchase several out of the 4 colours this balm comes in (Rose Plum, Rose Amber, Rose Nude and Transparent). I must order the transparent balm for super soft lips all Summer. These balms remind me a lot of Benefit's balms but I feel these out do their rivals in the category of 'looking amazing whilst doing an equally amazing job', not only do the colours look great but the balm really works in keeping lips moisturised all day. Apply one layer to keep those lips looking healthy or layer these balms up to create a lipsticks that lasts for hours.
Swatch: CC Skin Tone Correcting Cream in Light, before application
Swatch: CC Skin Tone Correcting Cream in Light, after application
CC Skin Tone Correcting Cream in Light: The first CC Cream I have found that works with Oily skin types - yippee! Since purchasing this product several weeks ago, my foundation has not been worn. A blend of primer, moisturiser and foundation - CC Creams are my new make up must have for Spring/Summer. Not only does this product beautifully even out skin tones, just like it's lip balm pairing, it has an impressive SPF of 20. I apply this CC Cream with my fingers after my daily skincare routine of cleanser and toner, no need for cleaning foundation brushes - woohoo. The miracle makers at L'OCCITANE have created a CC Cream that gives both a mattifying and luminous finish, life complete. Although this product comes in only two shades (lights and medium), they cover a huge range of skin tones so head to your nearest L'OCCITANE to find the one for you.

I could not be more impressed with a new range this Spring, tweet/email me to let me know if you've had the chance to try this range yet and if you're yet to experience the wonders... enjoy the moment, 

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