Spring 2015 Favourite: Peony & Blush Suede
A long time favourite of mine - Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne. I know many of us bloggers go on and on about this cologne but there really are many reasons why, the same reasons why I've named it my favourite scent for Spring 2015.

It's unusual for me to find a floral scent I enjoy to wear, many of them I find far too over powering and would feel like a walking potpourri pot if I were ever to wear them for the day. If you too struggle to find a subtle floral scent for Spring, you need to hurry to your nearest Jo Malone and stock up. As well as the perfectly created scents Jo Malone has to offer, the quality of their products mean they last much longer than their rivals. I only ever need 2 sprays of this delightful scent (I choose to spritz my neck area twice) to last me the whole day - incredible! 

The combination of luxury peony and uplifting blush suede is sure to be a favourite of mine for Spring and beyond. A little hint as to what my be my Summer favourite - Jo Malone's new Plum Blossom Cologne (make sure to sample a spritz when you're next in store). Let me know your favourites in the comments and enjoy experiencing your local Jo Malone, 

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