Left to right: MAC Frost Lipstick in Fresh Moroccan, MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew, MAC Frost Lipstick in High Strung
As a lover of MAC lipsticks, it’s time for me to show you my favourite shades for summer. Lipstick will often be the only makeup I chuck on during my busy summer months so it’s important for me to have shades that I can wear with different outfits.

The pink – High Strung. This lipstick is from MAC’s Frost range and therefore adds a slight sparkle to my lips. I choose to wear this shade during summer evenings, with a sundress or an elegant alternative. Plus, this shade looks great with a tan and darker skin tones!

The nude – Fresh Brew. My favourite shade to wear during the daytime in summer. This shade looks great with every outfit and is an easy choice to pop on before heading out for a day trip in the sun or carrying with me for top ups during the day. When wearing no make up, this lipstick gives you just the right amount of natural colour on your lips to keep you looking healthy.

The red – Fresh Moroccan. Another one from MAC’s Frost range, one for those summer evenings when it’s time to dress up a little. I love this shade but I feel it only suits me when I have a tan – boohoo! That does mean that would be great for darker skin tones all year round though. This looks great with neutral eye make up shades and a simplistic summer dress to show off that tan.
 Do you love any of these MAC lipstick shades too? Or do you have other shades that are on your favourites list for summer? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy paying attention to those colourful lips this summer,
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